8 Tips On How To Sell Your Home On Zillow For Sale By Owner



8 Tips On How To Sell Your Home On Zillow For Sale By Owner or FSBO.



Here are some tips and tricks from your local real estate company, Flat Rate Realty here in Colorado Springs, to sell your home For Sale By Owner or also known as FSBO Zillow.


So you are considering selling your home on your own. This article and video will help guide you through some basic tips to make your experience better when you sell FSBO.


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Selling your Home FSBO?

Decluttering, or Hiring a Stager.

When decluttering, you want to make pathways easily walkable.

You want your countertops to have minimal items on them. Minimize furniture if not in use to make the room look bigger.


Have a stager consult on ideas on how to declutter. They sometimes charge an hourly or flat rate. Depending on the scope of work, not all stagers are created equal do your research.


Determining the Sale Price of Your Home.

We highly recommend paying for an appraisal to get the most accurate range of your home price. This cost can be anywhere from $700-$1000 to get the most accurate pricing. Or you can call your local real estate agent that you have good repour with and ask them for a market analysis to determine the value of your property. Keep in mind once you call your local real estate agent they are going to pitch their real estate services to you. You can always give us a call, and we will be happy to provide you with one as well. Contact us at www.flatraterealtygroup.com. We will mention our Flat Rate services too to let you know how much money you will save with us. Do not use a Zestimate or any other online property valuation tool. Every home is different and has different upgrades, and the market trends keep changing.


Real Estate Professional Photography

Most Real Estate home buyers start their home search online, so an online presence is a must. If you have undesirable real estate photos, most homebuyers will overlook your property and not give it a second thought. Here are some examples of some amateur photos, which will deter any home buyer from looking at the home. Photos like these will also make the potential home buyer offer less for your home. A couple of things to think about even, if you are going to add a Real Estate Home Tour and a Matterport Virtual Tour. These are also useful resources for out-of-state buyers to get a good feel for the potential home they may be purchasing.


Don't let this be you!!


Real Estate Property Description

When writing a description for the home that will be posted on Zillow, you must make sure you follow all Government and state regulations on discriminatory language. Also, crucial things to mention in the property description.



School District


Stay away from words like




Need To Sell


The more desperate you are the more low ball offer you’ll get.


Pro Tip: In the description, if you are willing to give a cooperating broker fee, make sure you mention the amount you are willing to pay to the buyer's agent, so they do not try and negotiate down the road.


Pro Tip: If you are not willing to offer a cooperating broker fee and not willing to work with any agents, please write in the first sentence of the description: Not willing to work with cooperating broker or agent, please do not call. If real estate agents still end up calling you, they did not take the time to read the description, so I would. Not suggest taking the time to talk to them. Make sure you watch the Full Video for more Tips and Tricks.



Pre Home Inspection For Real Estate Home Sales

Most Real Estate Transactions get canceled or fall through because of the inspection. We do recommend if you are selling your home for sale by owner that you get a quality pre-home inspection. The home inspector will determine any significant issues that you may come across in the future when trying to sell your home. Here are


Pro Tips: Get your Furnace Inspected certified before the buyer's home inspection. It is cheaper in the long run if you certify the furnace and roof ahead of time. It will also save you headaches and hassle and make sure you close on time.



Real Estate Property Disclosure

With the required property disclosures on Real Estate Sales. You want to make sure you disclose, disclose, disclose. The more information you give the home buyer, the better off you’ll be during the home inspection. If you took our advice on getting the pre-home inspection, our

Pro Tip would be to attach the home inspection with the property disclosure.


Showings and Open House Tours

You’ll get a lot of real estate agents telling you they have a client that is interested in your property. When you talk to the real estate agent, if they are not bringing the buyer with them, we recommend you do not show them the property due to the fact they may be trying to pitch you their real estate services but do not have an actual buyer for your home. Remember, every real estate agent has buyers they are working with, but that does not mean that their particular buyers are interested in your specific home. Make sure you watch the video on more tips and tricks for buying.


Picking Your Title Company

Make sure you pick a reputable title company. We use Land Title Guarantee here in Colorado Springs. They will be in charge of holding the earnest money and transferring the title to the potential home buyer. You will still be responsible for keeping track of dates and deadlines, for termination dates and escape clauses where buyers could always cancel the contract.


We know this is a lot of information, but this is just skimming the service. There is still a lot more to discuss when trying to list your home on Zillow For Sale By Owner. Feel free to always as us about our Flat Fee Listing Services in Colorado.8 tips on how to sell your home on Zillow For Sale By Owner or FSBO.