This is a popular question for most home sellers Because most traditional realtors always try to discredit Flat fee realtors.

Common myths About Flat fee realtors

  • They want to list your property to sell very quickly
  • They do not care about your bottom line
  • They do not have a lot of experience
  • They are not full service
  • They are less motivated to negotiate top Dollar

Flat fee realtor myth busters

Myth Bust #1

So every realtor A flat fee realtor or a traditional Realtor wants to price your properties correctly to get the most potential buyers into the property to view it to be able to sell the property.

Myth Bust #2

What other industry charges their clients 6% to complete a transaction. When you buy a car or mutual funds you don't get charged 6%. But no a traditional Realtor thinks it's OK to charge 6%. When you use a flat fee realtor on average they could save you $7500 per Home sale. Let's think about this if you sell three homes in your lifetime and you save $7500 Each transaction and you invest The sum of $22,250 for 20 years, average return of 10% at the end result you would have $149,686.87 in return on investment. Thats making money for your bottom line.

Myth Bust #3

The average Realtor sells 4 Homes a year. At a 6% commission 3% going to the listening to 3% going to the buyers agent And the average home is $337,000 Equals $10,110 Times that by four Equals $40,440 annual income. As a flat fee realtor has to do Triple the transactions to make that amount if they charge $ 3,500. So Around 12 properties a year. So I would say a flat fee Realtor has plenty of experience if not more.

Myth Bust #4

Some Flat Fee Realtors will not offer full service, however many will. It is a question you must ask. Once you find a Flat Fee Realtor that is Full Service make sure they have a minimum of professional photography and offer 3d Virtual Tours. 

Myth Bust #5

When determining the listing price for your home realtors must do a detail property analysis. If they overprice the property clients and potential buyers will not come in to look at your home and then you'll have to reduce the price later on down the road. If you under value more buyers will come look at the property. This starts a bidding war to bring your property value up. We always tell clients the more showings you have the more potential you have for offers. With that strategy you will naturally get top dollar. 


So here's something to think about . When you go to a chain restaurant and you have great customer service and you let your friends and family know about the great experience you had. Then you go back to the same restaurant a couple weeks later and you had a different server. This time your experience was horrible because they did not meet your expectations.

This is the same concept in the real estate business. You can have one agent that is a traditional broker be horrible and another agent that is a traditional broker that does great. The same goes for flat fee agents. Just make sure either way you go that the traditional or flat fee agent has experience, training and a proven track record.