At present, the Condo hotel is one of the hottest properties in real estate. Connecting the bridge between hotels and traditional condominiums, the condo hotel features locations along with classy shops and restaurants. For instance, let’s take a look at the Blue Rose in Orlando, Florida.

Today in the pre-construction level, the Blue Rose will comprise of three towers housing 256 condos and 1,284 condominium hotel suites. It will provide everything from lofts and one- and two-bedroom units to 3,000 sq. ft. penthouse suites. The estate will be a resort oasis, with a promenade, five themed restaurants, European cafes, a 1,000-seat theater, and private pool cabanas.

The investment prospect open by condo hotels is unmatched. Truly, most new properties sell out in the pre-construction stage. In so doing, investors are able to get lesser prices, safeguard many of the best units, and get appreciation on their investments before the foundation is even dug.

Several people opt to purchase a condo hotel not only as an investment but also as a vacation home. Generally, condo hotels provide first-class accommodations in highly desired locations. When the owner is not making use of the property, the condo hotel unit can be let out to tourists. Normally, the holder doesn't have to take charge of renting, maintaining the unit, managing, making the process free of the headaches and stresses of owning other rental properties.

Just like any real estate venture, the fundamental thing is location, location, and location. For instance, the Blue Rose Condo Hotel is situated in Orlando, Florida, one of the hot cake in housing markets in both the United States and the world at large. Of late, analysts have stated that Orlando property is underrated by as much as 30 percent when compared to other major U.S. markets. That, together with a regular hotel tenancy rate of nearly 80 percent and 40 to 55 million annual visitors, makes Orlando condo hotels premium investment prospects.

It's simple to know why Orlando is such a desired destination. In any case, Florida brags 300 days of sunshine yearly, over 1,000 miles of shoreline, and a regular temperature of 70 degrees. And Orlando is the heart of family-friendly theme park destinations. Walt Disney World was the first on the block, with 28,000 acres for family fun. Universal Studios and Sea World make up the top three, again with thrills for the entire family. It's projected that it would take you over two months of eight-hour days to experience Orlando's 95 attractions. It's obvious why tens of millions of tourists visit Orlando every year.

The reason why investors are flocking to buy property in Orlando is so clear. Condo hotels, similar to the Blue Rose condo hotel, are the modern real estate investment style in hot destinations like Orlando. Among the theme parks, the golf courses, the world-class restaurants, and the chances to take part in water sports, Orlando investors are seeing remarkable returns on their investments.