Is it worth trying to list your house FSBO?



Is it worth trying to Sell My House For FSBO?


Reason 1: Hugh Realtor Fees. For Sale By Owenr  want to eliminate realtor fees by selling it themselves. The average realtor fee could be up to 6%.

Reason 2: An FSBO may have the narrative in their head that they are experienced enough to sell their home on their own because they have sold their other homes in the past. A good thought in theory, however the market conditions are constantly changing, and you always need to be tuned in to all the changes happening in the market. FACT: Most FSBO list their house for too little or too much when going it alone. 

Reason 3: A lot of FSBO’s feel that realtors don’t properly care for their home during the selling process, and as well as they can. So, this theory causes them to want control over all that. Is happening in regard to showings and offer. They want to be there during showings and take over the negotiation process with potential buyers. FACT: This control often makes it difficult for FSBO’s to negotiate properly without emotion, as they have normally established relationships with some of the potential buyers.

Reason 4: Another reason FSBO’s attempt to go it solo, is because they are testing the waters to see if they can get a buyer ahead of time without using their agent to save themselves the buyers fee. FACT: Over 90 percent of buyers are represented by a realtor, so an FSBO would not be saving the buyer’s agent in most cases. 


These are some additional hurdles that you may need to consider when selling your house FSBO:


1. Photography and Virtual Tours- That is an out of pocket expense from around $200-$250

2. Yard Signs and Lock Boxes for the Front Door if property is Vacant

3. Booties and other showing materials.

4. Choosing a reputable title company somewhere between ½% to 1%

5. Organizing Maintenance and Repairs.

6. Buyer’s Agent Fee is normally 3%

7. Getting Your Home Listed on all the Major Search Engines such as Zillow and

8. Getting a bunch of unqualified buyers. 

So, if I had to answer the question on whether or not it’s worth it to sell your house FSBO, I would have to say no.


But there is good news.

Here at Flat Rate Realty Group we can save FSBO’s money, while still offering high quality full service. We offer solutions to the many obstacles that an FSBO will come across trying to sell on their own. 

At Flat Rate Realty Group, we offer a Flat Rate of $3000 if a home is under $500,000. If a home is over $500,000 thousand the fee is .75%. A great savings for an FSBO considering the alternative of paying a full 6% to a traditional realtor. There is also a Buyer’s agent fee of only 2.5% when you use us, rather than the traditional 3%. 


What is included in a Flat Fee Listing Service:

Professional Photography and a 3D Virtual Tour

Yard Signage Lock Box and Directional Signs

Full representation and negotiations

Access to MLS Listing Services

Marketing on all major search engines to include Zillow,, and

Marketing on Facebook and YouTube

Arial Photos 

And more

A better option than waiting to sell, or to risk not being able to properly market and price your home correctly as an FSBO, Flat Rate Realty Group has you covered with our full service and Flat Rate. If you are thinking of trying FSBO, give us a call at 573-Flat-Fee so we can tell you more about us. Or if you just want to know more visit our website at Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to videos. Take care and have a blessed day.