Looking to take a break from tall and shiny skyscrapers and heavy traffic all around you? The increasing urban population growth worldwide has resulted in the vast majority of populations residing in towns, cities, and suburbs. Apart from urban infrastructure, city dwellers are constantly in dire need of a connection with nature in the urban environment. 

If you’re looking to move to a place where you can connect with nature by engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding, then Colorado is the perfect state for you. Living around and near the Rocky Mountains has become the ultimate lifestyle for Colorado residents these days. 

Apart from the endless opportunities for adventure, Colorado has a lot to offer for students and professionals looking for diverse career possibilities in the state. If you’ve decided to move to this stunningly beautiful state, here are some popular cities you must consider when looking for homes for sale colorado. 


Aurora is a modern city in Colorado with an estimated population of about 366,623 people. It’s the perfect suburban city for people looking to move with their families. Despite being in the suburbs, it’s a fast-growing area with many opportunities for new residents to connect with the outdoors. 

The city consists of numerous outdoor recreational spaces and parks for children and families. Homebuyers can purchase their dream homes in this city from a plethora of beautiful neighborhoods with increased access to nature and a welcoming community.


a suburban city


Are you an adventurist and a foodie looking to move to an exciting Colorado city? Boulder is just the best city for you, with proximity to the Rocky Mountains. It’s the perfect city for young individuals making their first out-of-state moves looking for educational and career-related opportunities. 

Boulder is home to the University of Colorado and is a vibrant city with students and immigrants from multiple cultures and ethnicities. You’ll find over 20 craft breweries and a cozy restaurant with excellent food at almost every corner in this area. 

In other words, Boulder is the perfect Colorado region for migrants looking for cities with substantial amenities, diversity, low crime rates, and a relatively low population.


a park with trees

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, the second most densely-populated Colorado city, is an arena for opportunities, especially for millennials and their family looking to lead a comfortable city life. It’s a famous city for job seekers who move here as career growth opportunities. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic city for millennials, offering low living costs, substantial outdoor recreational spaces, and affordable housing in safe neighborhoods. 

According to the World Population Review, Colorado Springs has a 464,474 population, with a median house listing price of $325,000.


a neighborhood near the mountains

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