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There are currently 13.1 million active military members deployed and serving in the United States. While most people perceive the military to be a low-paying career choice, especially during a service member’s initial ranks, it’s critical to analyze some of the intangible benefits that come with it. 

Military base housing is one of the most significant benefits for deployed service members in the US. It’s a crucial factor that contributes to the fighting men and women’s improved quality of life and financial gains in keeping their families well-protected and secure. 

Serving for the US military offers multiple housing options for you and your family at every job location. Read on to learn the benefits of getting a home on a military base.

Financial Savings & Benefits

The primary reason why most people choose military housing is because of the financial savings they offer. These homes save a substantial amount of housing money by being rent-free, which means the only costs you’ll have to bear would be extra amenities such as cable, internet, phone, and electricity.  

In fact, some military housing corporations offer a free baseline of electrical use, meaning you’ll only have to pay electrical charges if you go over the baseline. While securing a military house at a prime location is a lengthy process, its financial merits are guaranteed. 


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A Strong Residential Community

Many people consider their neighborhoods before purchasing a new home because they want to determine how welcoming and supportive the neighbors and nearby residents are. Military base houses are the perfect residential spaces to develop long-term bonds with neighbors belonging to military service backgrounds. 

A strong community relationship in these areas plays a significant role in being a comfort source among people who have been subject to constant military relocation or are missing their deployed family members serving in warzones. 

A military house is just the right place to live in a community that feels like a big extended family.

Access to Outdoor Recreational Spaces

Military houses are located within gated communities protected by the government. A military base home provides you with convenient access to multiple outdoor recreational spaces within the boundaries of your gated community. 

As a result, your house will be within walking distance from places like restaurants, dining halls, auditoriums, theatres, and bowling alleys. It means you can significantly save gas money expenses by walking to the next block for an event instead of using your car to commute from one area to another.


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